About Us

PDQ Enterprises, LLC develops products to maximize the availability of liquidity at the lowest cost for traders and investors. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, CODA Markets, Inc., is designed to deliver on the promise of alternative trading venues by improving competition, reducing fragmentation, increasing diversity and producing unique liquidity that benefits all market participants.

Founded in 2005 by Christopher Keith, former Chief Technology Officer of the New York Stock Exchange, PDQ Enterprises received patent protection in January 2008 for its process of liquidity aggregation in response to order flow. The resulting on-demand auction process is supported by CODA, an independent U.S. equity market that draws growing order flow from sell-side, institutional and retail traders.

Based outside Chicago in Glenview, Illinois, with offices in New York City and Westport, Connecticut, PDQ Enterprises continues to pioneer new and efficient ways to participate in today’s complex electronic markets.

In September 2016, PDQ ATS adopted the new name CODA (Centralized On Demand Auctions) to better reflect its innovative institutional product suite.

CODA Markets, Inc., formerly known as PDQ ATS, Inc., is a registered broker dealer, member FINRA and SIPC.