CODA allows liquidity to come to your order, markets to aggregate and
fair competition to maximize the availability of liquidity at the lowest cost.
CODA Markets is a PDQ Enterprises Company.

CODA Block is an innovative, on-demand 30 second block auction facility that aggregates diverse buyside and algorithmic liquidity through a non-displayed auction order book and a multi-lateral trade based on price competition.

CODA Micro is a next-generation, sub-second auction market that allows liquidity seekers to initiate customized auction for their orders that enhance the availability & provision of liqudity while minimizing leakage & open order risk.

CODA FLARE is a new frontier in liquidity discovery and order routing that provides subscribers of CODA’s unique on-demand auction market the control and efficiency of customized routing capabilities and the intelligence of advanced data analytics.

CODA Pulse is a fast, reliable and secure tool for getting updated from CODA Block. It supports receiving and managing block trade alerts, and direct communication with the CODA Block operations team.