ALISA Research: Advanced Liquidity Studies and Analytics

ALISA is the tick data research platform built and operated by CODA’s parent company PDQ Enterprises. ALISA combines an advanced persistent data store (Paradigm4’s SciDB) with an elastic compute cluster that runs in AWS to provide the ALISA research team with world class capabilities for interactive research as well as large scale runs of complex analytics for detailed reports, creating the ability to answer almost any questions about the cost or availability of liquidity in the US equities market.

  • Liquidity Protection Rule (LPR)
    The purpose of the Liquidity Protection Rule is to prevent a CODA Block auction from moving a stock;s price an unreasonable distance based on the size of the print and the liquidity profile of the stock. The calibration methodology is designed to reflect the typical price variance of each stock as a function of its notional turnover. LPR
  • Liquidity Protection Rule Calculator
    Register here to access to CODA Block Liquidity Protection Rule Calculator. There you can find the LPR value for any stock and share size as well as access other information about each ticker’s unique liquidity profile.